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Бароне В.А.

Статьи и рецензии

Бароне В.А. Английская армия в Нормандии первой половины XV в.: дисциплинарные проблемы и методы их решения.
English army in Normandy in the first half of the 15th century: «daily occurrence of occupation»
// Средние века. 2012. Вып. 73 (1-2). С. 42-72

В начале XV в. в ходе возобновившейся Столетней войны англичане завоевали Нормандию. В герцогстве, которое покрывается сетью английских гарнизонов, было установлено английское правление. Цель статьи — через анализ поведения английских солдат во Франции показать будни «английской оккупации», реальную жизнь нормандцев при англичанах.

At the beginning of the 15th century English King Henry V Lancaster renewed the war in France. In August 1415 his army captured the fortress of Harfleur and routed the French in the battle of Azincourt, and two years later, in 1417, conquered Normandy which once belonged to the English. The duchy was covered by a network of English garrisons. Besides these and field armies regularly sent from England, Lancastrian military system in Normandy included also a feudal home guard, which involved both English and French holders of local fiefs. The problem of military discipline in the English army became one of the problems which Lancasters faced on the continent. This issue, except for several special studies, was considered in historiography mainly in the context of more general plots — the English military organization, the Hundred Years’ War and the liberation movement in France. Meanwhile, this problem is one of major aspects in studying “English Normandy” in the first half of the 15th century. The aim of the present article is, through the analysis of English soldiers’ behavior in the duchy, to show the everyday life of “foreign occupation”, how it proceeded here with the English, and their mutual relations with local population.