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Добрынина Э.Н./ Dobrynina E.

Статьи и рецензии

Добрынина Э.Н./ Dobrynina E. Малоизвестный греческий иллюстрированный Мартиролог из региона Отранто (Tirana, ANA, Br. 41)
An Unfamiliar Greek Illuminated Martyrologium Originated From the Region of Otranto (Tirana, ANA, Br. 41)
// Средние века. 2013. Вып. 74(1-2). С. 236-250

The Greek Synaxar (Martyrologium) on the whole year is preserved at the Albanian National Archives in Tirana (ANA, Br. 41). The handwriting in this paper manuscript belongs to the style ‘minuscola barocca’ and dates to the middle or third quarter of the 14th century. The rich decoration with red-and-black ornament based on the ‘in negative’ principle consists of the several types of initials (heads, figures, zoomorphic and ornithomorphic) which have analogies in the Italo-Greek book painting. Paleography and stylistic traits of the illumination give reason to assume that the manuscript was produced in the South Italy with possible localization in the region Otranto.