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Галчева Т.Н./ Galcheva T.

Статьи и рецензии

Галчева Т.Н./ Galcheva T. Новый текст профессора П.М. Бицилли.
An Unknown Autograph of Prof. P.M. Bitsilli.
// Средние века. 2013. Вып. 74(1-2). С. 286-292

An unknown autograph of Prof. P. M. Bitsilli (1879–1953) was discovered in the personal archive of the Bulgarian historian Ivan Dujchev. The article was written during or shortly after 1940 and is of interest because of the expression of the quite innovative at the time opinion that the author of “Chronographia” Michael Psellus should not be considered as a "precursor" but as a true Universal Man.

Defending this view, Prof. Bitsilli insists on two considerations of his: 1. Lack of reason to oppose the notions of  East and West in the development of human history; 2. Perception of “Chronographia” as a high literary craftsmanship, with a deep insight as to how to build a picture of the person using the method of the literary portrait. This article should be seen as part of an overall tradition in the historiographical context of the researches of P.W. Bezobrazov and Y.N. Lyubarski.