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Guidelines for Authors

Authors submitting manuscripts do so on the understanding that the work should be original and has not been published previously.

Please supply text electronically (by email or CD) in doc. format. A hard copy is not required; nor is a pdf required. Address for submission: sector-sv@list.ru. There no publication fee.

All manuscripts will be refereed. Decision concerning the publication of an article is made by the editorial board after the experts’ reviews (‘single blind peer review’).

Formatting your Typescript

Page layout: 3 cm on the left side, and 2 cm – elsewhere. Page number should be at the top, on the right side. The text should be in set up in Times New Roman font, with 14 points size and 1,5 spacing, and 0,63 indention of the first line in a paragraph. The text should be aligned edgewise. The title should be printed in bold. Footnotes should be supplied using your word processing software’s standard note-making function, so that each note is embedded and connected to the text and can be automatically converted during copyediting. The footnotes should be paginal (at the bottom of the page) with continuing numbering. Font – Times New Roman, 12 points, 1,5 spacing, without indention of the first line. The volume of the text should not exceed 1 printer’s sheet (40,000 characters, including spaces and footnotes).

The illustrations should be submitted as a separate file and, should the work be accepted for publication, the author(s) obtain the necessary permission to use material already protected by copyright.

The article should include a full bibliography for every work cited in it. This should be at the end of the article, set up in alphabetical order. The article should also include a short abstract in Russian (2–3 sentences) and a longer one (300 – 400 words) in English, lists of key-words in Russian and English (5–7 words), and basic information about author (the author’s professional affiliation, position, scientific degree and email address). The book reviews are accepted of recent editions only (3 years since publication in case of Russian edition, and up to 5 years in case of a foreign one). The volume of the text should not exceed 10,000 characters.